Where to Find Surtling Core in Valheim


Valheim Surtling Core

There are particular sources within the sport that you might want to farm in terms of development in addition to comfort. Surtling Core in Valheim are certainly one of these sources as you’ll need them for crafting a Smelter and Coal Kiln for processing metallic ores in addition to a Portal for getting round quicker.

Ultimately, you’ll need a great provide of Surtling Core in Valheim for the mentioned functions and in a while others in addition to you progress additional in Valheim. 

How you can Farm Surtling Cores?

There are totally different Surtling Core farm strategies you could resort to corresponding to looking for them within the Burial Chambers which can be scattered across the Black Forest.

One other method can be to defeat Surtlings that may be discovered within the Swamp biome or the Ashlands biome.

There are particular instances when Surtling Core in Valheim might be present in random chests relying on the place you discover and open them.

The place to Discover Surtling Core?

In terms of the very best Surtling Core Farm Location, two of the very best locations to select from would both be the dungeons within the Black Forest or the Surtling spawn places within the Swamp biome.

Burial Chambers (Black Forest Dungeon)

Burial Chambers might be discovered within the Black Forest and these are guarded by skeletons from the surface in addition to they’ve skeletons who inhabit them inside.

You will discover Surtling Core in Valheim mendacity round on stone tables, torches, and different locations throughout the chambers inside.

Surtling Spawn (Swamp Biome)

There are spawn factors for Surtlings, who drop Surtling Cores when they’re killed however watch out as they hurl fireballs which might trigger injury over time.

A simple solution to flip these into Surtling Core in Valheim farms is to dig round along with your pickaxe in order that the Surtlings find yourself submerging within the water.

Surtlings are made up principally of fireplace and can find yourself dying upon contact with any type of water, thus making it simple to get the Surtling Cores they drop on demise.

Ashlands Biome

The Ashlands biome is all the time on the south of your world and is house to Surtlings that are present in giant portions.

Establishing a teleporter earlier than heading to the Ashlands is a good suggestion, that when once you attain it, you’ll be able to arrange one other one to connect with it.

Making a connection between the 2 portals will provide you with entry to the Ashlands everytime you want it and you may even construct a base or camp to go to when farming Surtling Core in Valheim there.

Surtling Core Use

The Surtling Core is utilized in constructing processing stations that are the next:

  • Blast furnace
  • Bonfire
  • Charcoal kiln
  • Portal
  • Smelter
  • Ward

It’s also possible to flip a Surtling Core right into a firework by inserting it in your merchandise bar and utilizing it on a Campfire or Bonfire.


There isn’t any Surtling Core respawn in dungeons, so when you choose them up, you’ll have to discover extra elsewhere.

Farming Surtlings is one of the best ways to get your Surtling Core in Valheim and it’s best to resort to both organising a Portal within the Ashlands or making a lure for them within the swamp.

Doing the Swamp technique is way simpler as you merely must return to the spawn and choose up the Surtling Cores and received’t must chase them round like within the Ashlands.