How to Farm Leather Scraps in Valheim

A number of objects in Leather-based Scraps in Valheim comparable sources and one in every of these sources is Leather-based Scraps, which has just a few methods of being farmed.

Leather-based Scraps could also be an merchandise discovered early within the sport akin to if you kill Boars in addition to if you mine within the Sunken Crypts on the Swamp biome however it’s nonetheless required for lots of things in a while.

To farm them effectively, you’ll need to know the potential methods on the best way to get Leather-based Scraps in addition to one of the best methods.

Valheim Leather Scraps

How To Get Leather-based Scraps?

There are other ways to get Leather-based Scraps in Valheim, this entails looking, mining and even domesticating Boars to show them into livestock.

Searching Boars

Early on within the sport, you’ll in all probability learn the way to craft the fundamental weapons and you need to use these to simply kill Boars.

Boars don’t run away like Leather-based Scraps in Valheim do and can try and ram into you, which makes it simple to farm them however you should definitely eat up and to not struggle a gaggle on low well being.

Upon dying, Boars will largely drop Leather-based Scraps together with Uncooked Meat which additionally will increase in quantity if the Boar has one or two stars, indicating a better stage.

Mine Muddy Scrap Piles in Sunken Crypt

Afterward, within the sport, you’ll finally end up mining for Iron ore within the Leather-based Scraps in Valheim (situated within the swamp biome) and when you do that, it’s also possible to accumulate Leather-based Scraps.

As you mine Muddy Scrap Piles within the Sunken Crypts, completely different objects can drop akin to Iron ore, Withered Bone, and Leather-based Scraps.

This isn’t one of the best ways to get Leather-based Scraps however it’s nonetheless a great way to gather them as you farm for Iron ores.

Hidden Muddy Scrap Piles in Swamp

Utilizing a Wishbone, which you get after defeating Bonemass, you will discover Muddy Scrap Piles within the swamp, as an alternative of mining throughout the Sunken Crypts.

The Wishbone will give a sign when there’s a Muddy Scrap Pile close by and you’ll mine it identical to you do within the Sunken Crypts, additionally giving an opportunity to get Leather-based Scraps in Valheim.

How To Farm Leather-based Scraps From Livestock

Since you’ll be able to tame Boars, you’ll be able to maintain two or extra in a pen and feed them in order that they breed, and finally you’ll find yourself with a limiteless provide of Boars.

This lets you kill just a few Boars each every so often, to reap their Uncooked Meat and Leather-based Scraps for a good provide.

The higher the Boar stage, the extra Leather-based Scraps in Valheim, and Uncooked Meat it is going to present, so attempt to exchange the lower-level Boars every time you’ll be able to for a greater provide.

You may’t get Leather-based Scraps from Deer Conceal

Boar Spawn Location

There are a number of Boar small places across the map and these may be recognized by their runestones which mark their spawn location.

You may arrange traps close by or go to the runestones typically to examine if extra Boars have spawns so you’ll be able to kill or tame them.

Sunken Crypt Location

Yow will discover Sunken Crypts scatter within the bigger situations of the Swamp biome which have an apparent look with inexperienced torches and an entrance main into the dungeon.

You’ll have to have overwhelmed The Leather-based Scraps in Valheim Elder first to be able to get the Swamp Key merchandise which lets you open up the locked gates that enable entrance to the Sunken Crypts.

Leather-based Scraps Makes use of

The next is a listing of the various things that you could craft and construct with Leather-based Scraps:

Primary Weapons

  • Crude Bow
  • Flint Spear
  • Flint Knife
  • Stagbreaker

Primary Armor

  • Rag Pants
  • Rag Tunic
  • Wooden Protect
  • Wooden Tower Protect

Abyssal Weapons

  • Abyssal Harpoon
  • Abyssal Razor

Bronze Weapons

  • Bronze Atgeir
  • Bronze Axe
  • Bronze Mace
  • Bronze Sword

Iron Weapons

  • Battleaxe
  • Iron Atgeir
  • Iron Axe
  • Iron Mace
  • Iron Sword

Silver Weapons

Throwable Weapons

Odin Objects

Crafting Station Upgrades


  • Black banner
  • Blue banner
  • Inexperienced banner
  • Pink banner
  • White and purple striped banner
  • Raft

Useful resource Processing

Valheim Boar Drops

The next objects may be dropped by Boars if you slay them:

  • Leather-based Scraps
  • Uncooked Meat
  • Boar Trophy


You’ll need to resort to farming from Boars solely, as Deers drop a distinct useful resource so principally, you’ll be able to’t convert Leather-based into Leather-based Scraps.

The easiest way to get leather-based scraps is to kill Boars and taming them to save lots of as livestock however it’s also possible to accept different methods whereas farming for different sources.

You may solely farm this useful resource from Boars or Leather-based Scraps in Valheim Piles and you can’t farm Leather-based Scraps from deer.