How to Farm Bone Fragments in Valheim

Bone fragments are Bone Fragments in Valheim shards that can be utilized to craft and improve gadgets in Valheim which change into helpful as you begin out within the recreation.

You’ll largely want them if you craft Troll and Deer gadgets in addition to improve them to greater ranges to enhance their high quality.

There are quite a few methods on get Bone Fragments in Valheim and a few could also be straightforward whereas the opposite methods are tougher however extra rewarding.

Valheim Bone Fragments

How To Farm Bone Fragments?

There are a number of Bone Fragments in Valheim areas to take a look at in case you are trying to find them and one of the best locations to examine are these with Skeletons.

Defeating Skeletons


You will get Bone Fragments by defeating skeleton enemies and likewise decide them up as loot in dungeons such because the Burial Chambers.

Skeletons additionally exist throughout the Black Forest in small numbers and likewise the Swamp the place their numbers are better.

In a while within the recreation skeletons could begin to spawn nearer to your base, particularly at evening as the sport progresses.

Destroying Bone Piles


Bone Piles spawn skeletons inside a brief period of time and will be destroyed to drop Bone Fragments in Valheim that you may gather.

A farming methodology with Bone Piles is to attend for it to spawn skeletons and kill them every time they spawn which you’ll be able to repeat as many instances as you need till you’ve gotten sufficient Bone Fragments.

Digging Up Graves

Chances are you’ll discover some stones scattered round Valheim that seem as burial markings and these will be dug as much as reveal bones in addition to chests.

Skeleton Spawn Location

You could find and farm a lot of skeletons largely within the Black Forest, Burial Chambers in addition to within the Swamp.

The Black Forest has the least skeletons whereas the Burial Chambers inside them include a number of skeletons inside.

As you traverse via the Swamp biome, you might discover that there are a whole lot of skeletons that spawn except for simply Draugrs.

Evil Bone Pile Spawn Location

You could find Evil Bone Fragments in Valheim throughout the Burial Chambers however not all of them have these skeleton spawners.

The identical goes for the Swamp however additionally, you will discover Draugr spawns which have the next ratio to spawn together with Evil Bone Piles.

Bone Fragments Use

The next are the primary makes use of of Bone Fragments in Valheim:


  • Deer cover cape
  • Troll cover cape
  • Troll leather-based helmet


  • Membership
  • Leather-based pants
  • Leather-based tunic
  • Stagbreaker
  • Troll Set

Greatest Option to Farm Bone FragmentsVALBFG017-4

One of the simplest ways to farm a whole lot of Bone Fragments could be to seek out an Evil Bone Pile and anticipate it to spawn skeletons.

You may kill a whole lot of skeletons whereas ready and go away afterward with out destroying the Evil Bone Pile in an effort to return later for those who want extra Bone Fragments in Valheim.

In case you can’t discover any Evil Bone Piles, you might need to persist with looking within the completely different Burial Grounds that yow will discover within the Black Forest.

You may nonetheless resort to going to the Swamp biome and killing skeletons there however try to be cautious as there are Drauger, Leeches, Blobs, and extra that may be lethal to newer gamers.


Skeletons are comparatively straightforward to kill and you may take them on early utilizing golf equipment as they’re weak towards blunt injury.

Bows deal much less injury to skeletons as they’re somebody immune to piercing assaults, so that you most likely need to stick to a membership or an axe for those who simply began out.

It’s good to maintain a inventory of Bone Fragments in Valheim apart for in a while simply in case you want them for crafting or upgrading gadgets.